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nvironmentally Sound Waste Disposal for Central Iowa

Welcome to the South Central Iowa Landfill Agency (SCILA) web site.

South Central Iowa Landfill Agency is a governmental, non-profit (28E) agency.  All operational revenue is derived by our user fees - no tax money is received to support the landfill.  We work hard to ensure that approximately 46,000 central Iowa residents have waste disposal options that are environmentally sound. 

Our member communities include Warren County rural and all cities in Warren County except Norwalk, Carlisle and Hartford; rural Madison County and all cities in Madison County except Macksburg; the Dallas County cities of Dallas Center, DeSoto, Dexter and Van Meter; and Osceola.

At SCILA, our goal is waste reduction.  To decrease solid waste at the landfill recycling and reusing are important.  Most important though, is reducing solid waste disposal by making conscious consumer choices and developing habits in your home and business that result in reduced waste.

SCILA has an educational program available for schools, businesses, service and civic groups, churches and any other organizations that would like to learn more about waste reduction through recycling, reusing and reducing.  To schedule a presentation, please contact Marcia Beeler, Manager, at 515-462-3083.


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